Devendra Banhart

Yesterday I attended Devendra Banhart gig in Madrid. It was in an XIX century theatre, Teatro Lara, and, as always in that theatre, the scenery was quite amazing.  Here you have a video of him beginning to play ‘Santa Maria da Feira’, stopping, and admitting that he can’t play it because he doesn’t remember the […]

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When I moved to Madrid, I was kind of amazed at how a lot of people reacted when they realized I was from my home province (Asturias). Most of the people always ended telling me how lucky I was growing up there, and how wonderful my province is. Having lived there all my live, and […]

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Code reviewing at 250km/h

One of the main advantages of telecommuting is to be able to work wherever you are, whenever you are. This weekend I have to go back to my parent’s house to be able to vote in next Sunday’s elections (yeah, 10 years in Madrid and I’m still registered at my hometown), so I need to […]

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Burrito Friday

My very first Burrito Friday! Burrito Fridays are an important cultural token in Automattic. Automaticcians accross the world eat and share pictures of the burrito they are eating that friday. And this is my first time contributing to it! Ok. I cheated. Well, what can I do? Mexican food in Madrid usually looks like […]

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