Joylent green is people (yummy, yummy people)

Three weeks ago, @mrheston, @roiprada and @circuitry were talking about buying a soylent-fork from Europe and test this crazy, far-future-like stuff. For those of you who don’t know Soylent, they are an American company who wants to disrupt the traditional food (of course, coming from US they need to be disrupting something). Their goal is to create a concentrate that could feed you forever (as in ‘could be feed exclusively from it’), being easy to prepare and, at least, mildly pleasant.

The nerd-folk went crazy about them. Not only they came from their (our) own ranks (software engineers experimenting with food!), but also it was like they were selling something out of Dune or any far-future sci-fi novel.

And well, when I was in San Diego, Mike Adams brought with him a jar full of the original soylent, so all me team could taste it. And it was surprisingly ok. It taste like pancake mix, more or less, maybe a little less sweet, but it was a nice experience. So as soon as I was in Spain again, I pinged @mrheston and we make a deal… If we were going down the crazy path, let us at least doing only half way: A shared order to Joylent, a dutch company that makes a clone of soylent. Since soylent doesn’t sell outside of the US, and they have open sourced their recipe, there are several companies that are cloning their product and selling it elsewhere. I’m not planning stop eating regular food. No way. But hey, if this stuff tastes as nice as soylent, I completely see myself taking a glass of it for dinner from time to time, just to feel like a next century astronaut.

Today I have received the package with all the supplies. Let the craziness being.


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