Code reviewing at 250km/h

One of the main advantages of telecommuting is to be able to work wherever you are, whenever you are. This weekend I have to go back to my parent’s house to be able to vote in next Sunday’s elections (yeah, 10 years in Madrid and I’m still registered at my hometown), so I need to take a train ride back to my hometown. Sheila is staying at home, since she’s from Madrid and votes there, so I’m travelling alone.

But thanks to the ‘work whenever you want’ policy, I have been able to stop in the middle of the day to pack without hurry, meet Sheila after her ballet practice, and have a ice cream together while we waited for my train. And then, once aboard, keep working to finish my day and help the team with that damn flux migration 😀

Picture taken when the train was over 250km/h, somewhere in central Castilla.

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