Burrito Friday

My very first Burrito Friday!


Burrito Fridays are an important cultural token in Automattic. Automaticcians accross the world eat and share pictures of the burrito they are eating that friday. And this is my first time contributing to it!


I cheated.

Well, what can I do? Mexican food in Madrid usually looks like this:


not like this:


But do you know what looks like that? Yeah. Dürüms. And I can buy a dürüm in five different places in a 500m. area around my place.

You could argue that dürüms are the European version of the USA’s burritos. They also are a wheat tortilla wrapped around lots of things with lots of sauce. Both USA’s burritos and Europe’s dürüms are the localized, standardized versions of popular dishes of our neighbors cuisine. And change the beans of the burritos for the falafel of (my) dürüm, and the guacamole for yogurt sauce, and well… They are pretty much the same.

So… yay, durum Friday!

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