Amsterdam Meetup

Last week I stayed with a bunch of my coworkers in Amsterdam, discussing a lot of stuff, changing the way you login to (well, kind of), and in general coworking and having some time together. As you probably know if you are reading this, I work for a company that is 100% remote. Every […]

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On Crockford-gate

If you follow the news in the JavaScript community, all your feeds have probably  been dominated by this week’s drama: The removal of Douglas Crockford from the list of speakers of a conference called Nodevember after Kas Perch, another speaker on the conf, complained about him and said that there were people that wouldn’t be comfortable with him […]

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Career inflection point

Some days ago there was this thingie in Twitter where some devs were tagging others asking them what was the moment when their careers skyrocketed and what was the cause for that to happen. I was too lazy to try to condense my answer in that microblogging format… this is the kind of thing […]

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My Grand Meetup 2015

Every year, the company I work for (Automattic), gather all its (~400) employees and brings them all together into a single location for a week of cowork, workshops, activities, etc. It’s what we call the Grand Meetup. I have just returned from my first one, in Park City, Utah, and I’m still trying to recover from […]

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Code reviewing at 250km/h

One of the main advantages of telecommuting is to be able to work wherever you are, whenever you are. This weekend I have to go back to my parent’s house to be able to vote in next Sunday’s elections (yeah, 10 years in Madrid and I’m still registered at my hometown), so I need to […]

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