My Grand Meetup 2015

Every year, the company I work for (Automattic), gather all its (~400) employees and brings them all together into a single location for a week of cowork, workshops, activities, etc. It’s what we call the Grand Meetup. I have just returned from my first one, in Park City, Utah, and I’m still trying to recover from it.

My favorite moments:

· Discussing Israel, Uruguay & Spanish politics & history with @Matias & @Yoav. We totally should have a politics discussion p2, you guys.

· Calypso roundtable: After having one initial Calypso (the project I’m working on) townhall, where more than 70 persons shown up, the developers decided that we needed another more intimate meeting to discuss code stuff. Around 15 or 20 of us meet in @Matias & @Miguel room, and we talked about architecture & code styles for almost 4 hours.

· Watching Primer (thanks @Dennis for organizing it!) with a bunch of fellow nerds and spending half an hour trying to make sense out of it.

· Visit Park City and being culture shocked with other Europeans (@Artur@Bernhard)


· Finally getting to see @Michael’s drones in action. Woah.


IMG_20151018_141520-ANIMATION (1)

· Fellow automatticians playing ‘Creep’ & ‘This Charming man’ live in the closing party:

· Being around some of the most talented designers & developers in the world for a whole week



PS. If you want to be there next year, Automattic is hiring

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