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We bought a house. Damn, that sounds terribly serious. But yeah, we did. Some weeks ago, we signed all the paperwork, and now we are the owners of a 200 square meters plot of land with a house on it, in Alcorcón. Alcorcón is a ‘small’ (160k inhabitants) city just south of Madrid (if fact, Madrid city limits is around 300 meters from our house), close enough for one of the main Madrid’s subway lines to have a station less than ten minutes walking from home, so we are around 25 minutes away from downtown. Which is nice, since our (rented) home was on the completely opposite side of the same subway line and we used to be 25 minutes away from city center too.

So yeah, as I said in my 2015 recap, it turns out that 2016 was going to be the year of the house for us 🙂

The house is in a pretty good shape, but we want to remove the stucco from the walls, paint everything white, and sand the parquetry floors. And surprisingly for us, all this take a lot of time. So we have ongoing construction works going on and we are not going to move in until mid-late august. We can’t wait!

These last few weeks have been exhausting … even if we are not doing the reforms ourselves, there is plenty of work to do besides floor sanding and paintwork: Dismount the previous owners’ left furniture, trim A LOT of vegetation (the house have been empty for three years), do a lot of electrical & plumbing small fixes (we are completely inept in those areas, but thankfully we had some family help), etc etc. To be honest, owning a house look way more tiring than renting one! Also, living an hour away from the house doesn’t make it easier.


Our first lunch at the house, while we waited for the electric company technician to turn the power on.


Yeah, No chairs yet. Sheila, from the kitchen
Sheila’s father & uncle fixing a broken door in the back patio
Reform in progress
Attic attack!
This is going to become my home office


Attic attack, 2
Main bedroom
Living room
Branches and varied rubbish waiting to be throw away in the front patio


Most of the vegetation from the previous pic came from here, the small garden connecting front and back patio




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