Penelope Trip

I finally got to hang my Penelope Trip poster in my home office. This poster has been with me since 1997, and it’s in a pretty awful state, after being in my teenage room walls at my parent’s place for years. It was just stuck to the wall with some cello tape, without any framework to protect it, so it’s a miracle even that it have survived so long.

But I don’t care about its state. It even gives it some pedigree. It’s a twenty years old poster, for the hell sake, it shouldn’t be all shiny and new:


Penelope Trip was my favorite band back then (spanish 90’s indie kids represent!), and of course, this poster was my favorite object ever. And it doesn’t look so bad after all this time, it’s  a pretty decent piece of graphic design, especially for the era.

Penelope Trip, for those of you who doesn’t know about them, were a noise-pop / indie-rock band from Gijon, who pretty much pioneered the indie scene in Spain.  And I still love them:




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