Pinkcoin: A tale.

Let’s imagine a group of people who, for political reasons, refuse to drink any liquid that is not pink. Let’s call them pinkers. One day, one of them publishes a paper that describes a very clever way to turn tap water pink, called Pinkchain. Of course, the pinkers are delighted. Following that, someone creates a […]

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On Crockford-gate

If you follow the news in the JavaScript community, all your feeds have probably  been dominated by this week’s drama: The removal of Douglas Crockford from the list of speakers of a conference called Nodevember after Kas Perch, another speaker on the conf, complained about him and said that there were people that wouldn’t be comfortable with him […]

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Automattic perks

Today, Jason Fried posted about the perks Basecamp offer to their employees, and the post is having a wild success in my twitter timeline. Lots of the stuff they do is pretty similar to the perks we have in Automattic, so, since I keep trying to convince all my friends to apply and join us […]

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